Summer School Rahat invites you to a special 5-day experience in which you will learn the spoken Arabic language. This is your opportunity to get to know the Bedouin Arab culture, learn from the best teachers and get to know the traditional way of life in Rahat.

You can also practice your conversation with the locals or with the host families and go on various tours to get to know the Bedouin history and discover how the nomadic tribe chose to settle down after years of wandering.

Every day at 9:00 you will start with Arabic lessons, from there you will move to a rich lunch, and every day you will visit new places, go through cooking workshops, visit the theaters, the gym and relax during your vacation in Rahat's swimming pool and sauna.

when is it happening?
First cycle 15-19.8
Second cycle 22-26.8
So come on, clear the diaries and tell us the cycle that is convenient for you >> Click here

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